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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Just download the People Pool app, fill your details and create an account.

How will clients know what types of jobs I am looking for?

Go through the skills list and tick all those you have experience in. Be mindful that you will be checked and scored on these by any employers you go to, so keep it honest.

How do I let the hiring manager know I am available?

Check off your availability on the calendar to let employers know when you’re free for work.

Who do I send my documents to?

Upload documents to be checked and verified and see your status switch to “ready to work” when you’re fully compliant.

How will I get paid?

The app allows you to upload hours for your manager to approve. Once your hours are approved we will make payment (usually on a Friday).

Staying up to date?

Make sure you turn on push notifications to make sure you never miss a job opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the talent pool be ultimately owned by the Authority?

The talent pool and all associated candidates will be owned by the Authority. People Pool are simply the technology platform and will manage the process and candidates to ensure that there is the upmost engagement from both candidates, and internal hiring managers.

How many relevant candidates will form the basis of our Local Authority ‘talent pool’?

Dependent on the categories that are required by the Local Authority, People Pool will work with its marketing and resourcing team to ensure that all requirements are filled through the ‘talent pool.’ We already have a strong base of candidates (particularly Social Workers and Support Workers) onboarded and will build on this throughout the life of the contract.

Can People Pool be integrated with other Local Authority used systems?

People Pool can be fully integrated with a range of payroll and HR systems that may already be in place. Even though People Pool does have the ability to pay, and onboard (make compliant) through our own system.

How can we procure People Pool quickly and efficiently?

People Pool can be procured through a number of national relevant frameworks.

What will happen to my existing supply chain of social work suppliers?

We are not replacing the existing supply chain, just offering the Local Authority a number of candidates from their own talent pool that has been built and managed by People Pool, which will save time and money. Any vacancies that cant be filled via the ‘talent pool’ can be released via the authorities preferred traditional route, so that agencies are able to support. As time goes on the reliance on the supply chain will diminish.

How long does a standard contract last between People Pool and an LA?

Our standard terms are 3 years, with the costs reducing over this period. This enables us to build a comprehensive talent pool for your Local Authority, which is able to fill the large majority of all requirements that it may have. At the end of the 3 years, we are able to stay on and support or pass everything back to the Authority to manage moving forward.

What are the next steps if I want to find out more information?

Let us come and present a demo of the platform, along with a full scoping session to show you indictive savings, and the benefits of the platform.

As an Authority we are incredibly busy, how quickly can the system be implemented, and key stakeholders trained?

We usually take 8 weeks to implement the People Pool platform although dependent on the requirements this can be shortened. All key stakeholders and managers are given a comprehensive training session to ensure maximum engagement, and a full support network in in place throughout the length of the contract.